GOLD offers an opportunity to sample cuisine from our Cape Malay kitchen, as well as some well loved traditional African inspired dishes. The entire menu is served at the table as a set tasting menu in sharing and individual portions.

GOLD Restaurant Autumn-Winter
Set Menu 2015

    Start your safari here …

    South African tomato soup served with Masala spiced bread twists
    There is a delicious zing in this South African tomato soup that is flavoured with pounded green chillies, garlic and ginger. Enjoy with the salted Masala breads)

    Zambian kandolo balls with sesame seeds
    Sweet potato is grown in most gardens in Africa as both the root and the leaves are eaten. Our sweet potato is prepared with ground spices then rolled in sesame seeds

    Ugandan bean Briouats
    Sugar beans are a common crop in the highlands of Uganda and is one of the crops supported by Farm Africa who assist mainly women farmers to obtain higher yields and linking them to markets

    Cape Malay Ostrich & Lamb Bobotie
    South Africa’s unofficial – and much loved – national dish is a Cape Malay creation of spiced minced meat baked with a savoury custard topping - Vegetarian substitute – Lentil Bobotie

    South African chutney
    “Blatjang” or chutney is the pride of Cape Malay cuisine – a mixture of chopped dried fruits and vinegar. We mix ours with crème fraîche to make it the ideal dipping sauce for the bobotie

    Ethiopian Lentil dhal
    Lentils are common in African cuisine, especially in countries on the Indian-influenced eastern coast. An earthy mixture of brown and orange lentils blended with fresh coriander and lemon juice

    South African smoked fish frikkadels with apple & mint raita
    Fishcakes - fondly called “frikkadels” in South Africa- are a family favourite. Smoked snoek is used for these frikkadels and they are served with a deliciously refreshing apple and mint relish - Vegetarian substitute – Kenyan Irio Patties

    Discover our mains …

    Ghanaian Groundnut Chicken
    Chicken groundnut stew is, in various forms, common all over West Africa. Our organic chicken thighs are prepared with roasted ground nuts, spices and tomato - Vegetarian substitute – Ghanaian vegetable curry Peanut Allergy substitute – Kenyan Coconut Curry

    African Creamy pap with grilled Corn
    Maize, a staple food of most of the Black African clans is ground fine, and cooked into pap – porridge – with a variety of consistencies. Here it is creamy and roasted corn is added

    Congolese Spinach
    The leaves of many vegetables are eaten all over Africa in many different ways and you can sometimes tell where someone is from by the way that they prepare their morog, or wild greens. In Congo they are prepared with tomato and green and yellow peppers

    Zanzibar Carrots with star anise
    Often served as a main course on a bed of maize meal, these fragrant sweet carrots add a golden splash of colour to any feast

    End your safari with …

    Cape Malay Boeber
    This luscious, comforting Cape Malay milk pudding is prepared with sago, vermicelli, sultanas and roasted almonds and is flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla

    Gogo’s Karamonk buiscuit
    Grandmother’s crisp and spicy Malay biscuits that are traditionally flavoured with cardamom and orange zest

    Fresh Fruit Kebabs
    Fresh seasonal fruit
    We support StreetSmart, an initiative endorsed by Desmond Tutu, which provides shelter and care for street and at risk children.


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